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Dr. Jonathan Cutler
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A warm welcome to our site, the Seniwati Virtual Art Galleries.
The Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women was established in 1991.
Seni is Indonesian for ART and Wati means WOMEN.

Visit our virtual art gallery

Visit our children's art gallery 

New Book

Abdul Aziz
"The Artist and His Art"


Our Mission
"Expose the world to the long understated brilliance of Balinese women artists,
encourage Balinese girls creativity, assist talented women to market their art"


Gallery Information:
We show and sell works by over seventy women artists from Bali, Java, Kalimantan and overseas, all resident in Bali. We have a very wide variety of styles and techniques, both traditional and contemporary.

We also keep a Permanent Collection of works considered important to the History of Art in Bali. See some of these paintings and more in The Lotus Pond, The Ricefields, The Banana Grove.

The Gallery supports local women artists through a wide range of activities.

If you've never been to Bali before and want to know exactly where Bali is please click here (where is Bali) OR to see where we are in Ubud OR contact us please click here (How to Contact Us) for our exact location, address and telephone number as well as the location of other well known Ubud galleries.


"I have been to Bali with my family a number of times and have visited this Ubud gallery twice before. The culture there is so unusual - a mix of indigenous islanders, Indonesian society, and even some US military influences. The the art is mostly representative of the ancient culture. However, western influences are everywhere. On my last visit, I noticed that a number of the younger artists, all women, were using portable vaporizers, kind of surreptitiously to avoid any backlash from the elders. One woman proudly showed me her 510 cartridge unit and when I asked her how she recharged it, she replied, "using a computer, of course!" Of course! Since I had no idea how the unit worked, she demonstrated how the 510 thread vape battery connects to the cartridge. I was blown away, but not convinced this was a good influence coming from the west. Her art on the other hand was stunning - all of the women artists exhibit special skills and their art has both sophistication and innocence that belies western criticism. If you get a chance to visit this place, look at the number of galleries in Ubud - there are many, and check out the street vendors, many of whom sell art and crafts as unique souvenirs." Rhamet Migola



The Abdul Aziz Retrospective Exhibition will open on 8th December 2007 at Neka Art Museum, Ubud, Bali.  Read more.....

The Women Artists of Bali at the Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Jimbaran Bali
November 20th - December 15th. Showing beautiful new works by 32 wonderful artists.

Seniwati Gallery continues to go from strength to strength! Cok Puspa is our fifth member to win the prestigious Freeman Award which is an all-expenses-paid trip to Vermont for two months, including side trips to New York! A truly wonderful experience for any artist and a validation of our work for us!

And she is the photographer daughter of the very first Indonesian Freeman Award winner, Cok Mas Astiti.

Like mother like daughter!


Our beautiful 2009 calendar is now available.
You can order this and past issues by e-mail. 

 Abdul Aziz "The Artist and His Art" by Mary Northmore-Aziz

Painter of the “Mona Lisa of Bali”, the Indonesian artist Abdul Aziz was an extraordinary Renaissance man. A revolutionary fighter, artist, sculptor, musician and violin maker, he also kept an astonishing store of original documents, sketches and photographs. His life story as told within these pages is also the history of Indonesia during the last century, seen through his own recollections and those of his friends and family. Too busy to hold exhibitions during his life and spurning the commercial art world, his life and work is now made public for the first time. This book reveals a world-class genius who created a stunning body of work over his lifetime, carefully reproduced in very high quality resolution for all to see and enjoy. Click here to read more


Recent articles about us include:
Women Artists Blossom in Bali 

Seniwati Gallery continues to go from strength to strength! Sri Supriyatini is our fourth member to win the prestigious Freeman Award which is an all-expenses-paid trip to Vermont for two months, including side trips to New York! A truly wonderful experience for any artist and a validation of our work for us! And our Gallery manager is planning various events in the USA in 2006. Watch this space!

Seniwati Sanggar Muda (School) continues at our gallery and goes from strength to strength. The Balinese children artists now regularly participate in the International Children's Art Exchange, sending their paintings off to other children around the world, and each child receiving in return work from another child elsewhere in the world. Lovely!

Prominent visitors to our gallery now include former US President Jimmy Carter and a number of Ambassadors and Dignitaries from various countries around the world.

The children now have an outing each month, at times to an artist studio, sometimes to an exhibition, and at other times to a beautiful place to paint.

In our gift shop we sell a wide range of products by, for and about women. We actively promote small business ventures by women, and also produce our own range of publications and stationery, some recycled, including our famous calendars.
Paintings can be easily ordered using our speedy order form to purchase a painting, commission a painting or purchase our past and current calendars. All Bali calendars present beautifully reproduced A4 size copies of artworks created by Balinese female artists. All monies raised from the sale of calendars, T-shirts, catalogues, colouring and address books is used to promote the awareness of Balinese women artists. 'You can make a difference'... please order now!

Please click here to browse our E-Shopping page

For those who take their shopping seriously, you may want to go direct to our two shopping galleries, The Ricefields for paintings from our well known artists, or to The Banana Grove to see art works by children.

They make great gifts and are perfect for presents...please visit our gift shop



"Topeng Masks"

Ni Wavan Warti

Photo by Jo Rosarius


"Women of Two Continents"

Cok Mas Astiti

Photo by Jo Rosarius

"The River"

Gusti Agung Galuh

Photo by Jo Rosarius

"Cilli, Goddess of Riches and Fertility"

Muntiana Tedja

Photo by Jo Rosarius 

"Legong Dancers"

Sri Haryani

Photo by Jo Rosarius


Ni Made Suciarmi

Photo by Jo Rosariu

All paintings in the Ricefields Gallery as well as our children's Banana Grove Gallery are for sale.


Seniwati Gallery

Ubud - Artistic Centre

The emergence of Ubud as an international Centre for the Arts happened during the 1920's and 1930's. This was in large part due to the insight and energy of the King of Ubud at that time, Cokorde Agung Sukawati, who acted as a great patron of the local Balinese arts. He met and became friendly with those wealthy international visitors who were intrepid enough to penetrate to the interior of the island of Bali.

Cokorde Sukawati offered hospitality to these visitors, and a warm and friendly relationship grew between them and the very talented local artists and craftspersons, which led to the visitors encouraging, promoting, and inspiring the local artists to develop and further their art.

This happened not only in the fine arts of painting and sculpture but also in music and dance. Thus the names of those foreigners have become part of the art history of Bali, names such as Miguel Covarrubias, Walter Spies, Rudolph Bonnet, Arie Smit, and till now we talk of the Walter Spies style, or the young Artists style of Arie Smit.

After the Second World War, these developments continued with more and more people spending extended periods of time here in Ubud painting, studying and becoming involved with local arts and crafts. Even now in the 1990's Ubud is home to many artists who may be famous in their homeland but here are treated with normal friendship and courtesy as just another artist. So, we too at the Seniwati Gallery have close and friendly links with many overseas artists, whether visitors or residents, and hope to encourage the continuation of this tradition.


Every Thursday 10-12 noon: Women's Life Drawing Group.

Every Saturday and Sunday 2 - 4 in the afternoon: Children's Class.

Currently we are hosting an exhibition of works donated by the 
Women Artists of Bali to raise funds for the Bali Relief Effort.

We regret our Seniwati Showspace has closed temporarily.

Our shop facilities are currently located within our Main Gallery, and here
we also hold occasional exhibitions.

Map of the World


Map of Indonesia


Map of Bali


Map of Ubud

This is where we are located, just off the main street in Ubud. If you would like our full contact details go to How to Contact us


Workshops & Studios

Workshop: Here we hold courses, workshops, demonstrations, performances, etc, as the opportunity arises. We also host on-going community art projects. You can see our future program if you visit Exhibitions to get a better idea of the range of activities we host.

Studios: We have some small studio spaces available for rent by artists from outside the Ubud area to work in. The rooms are very simple, for work only, not sleeping accommodation, with running water (sometimes!) in our quiet street off Ubud main road (see the map of Ubud). If you are interested, send us an e-mail for more details).

Children's School

The schoolgirls workshop was set up in 1993 as all other childrens workshops only took boys. We now have forty students aged from 5 to 15 years old. Each child is graced with remarkable talent, proven by winning a place in the school "Seniwati Sanggar Muda", through our annual competition.

Each child is sponsored by a kind person who pays Rupiah 400.00 per year (approx US$40 in Apr 2002) for tuition and materials costs. School costs are also supplemented by sales of the childrens colouring book and their paintings.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us for more information. In return for your sponsorship you will receive regular progress reports on "your child" and of course a special painting. And, thank you!

Our children's art can be viewed in the extension to the main Gallery on Jalan Sriwedari.

If you happen to be visiting Bali, do come and visit a class, held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons between 2.00pm - 4.00pm across the road from our Gallery.

Explore the Banana Grove

This is our very special Children's Gallery...with a selection of paintings for sale


In our gift shop we sell a wide range of products by, for and about women. We actively promote small business ventures by women, and also produce our own range of publications and stationery, some recycled, including our famous calendar.

Please click here to browse our E-Shopping page.

To Order our 2008 Calendar

Within Indonesia: send a Pos Wesel for Rp.85.000 per calendar, to:
Seniwati Gallery:
Jalan Sriwedari 2b, Br Taman
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali

Outside Indonesia: Click here to ORDER NOW!

Click here to view or order our Past or Present CALENDARS


To Order a Painting

Select your painting directly from either The Ricefields, or The Banana Grove galleries. Each painting links to an e-mail order form. Your order will be confirmed by e-mail or fax .We will reserve the painting for you for 10 days, awaiting your International Money Order.

If two people order the same painting on the same day, the painting will be allocated to the buyer, based on the first order received. The second buyer will be advised, by e-mail or fax, that they have been unsuccessful.

Commission a Work of Art

Please realize that no artists ever makes two paintings the same, as the feelings, emotions, attitudes which combine to create a work of art, are never the same on different occasions. However, certain artists do enjoy working on particular themes, and it may be that they would like to create a painting on a favorite theme.

If you would like to commission a painting, please e-mail us, telling us which picture you like, we will contact the artist and let you know:

a) if they agree b) the price c) the medium d) the timescale